Benefits and Features

Diamond Certanity
  • You can have any diamond or diamond jewel you want by saving through monthly instalments.

  • You have the freedom to decide the amount of money you save every month.

  • You yourself choose your diamond or jewelry.

  • You can store your diamonds or jewelry by yourself or in our safe boxes.

  • You have full control and transparency of your diamond investments through your account in the Diamond Certainty Client Zone.

Why Should You Invest in Diamonds and Diamond Jewelry?

Diamonds are a very good and profitable investment instrument, because of the following reasons:

  • Diamonds are a safe investment. Each diamond is certified by an independent worldwide IGI, HRD or GIA Gemological Laboratory.

  • Permanent value. The price of diamonds is stable, growing on a long term basis and not subject to inflation.

  • Unregistered investment. Diamonds are not registered by any authorities, making them a fully anonymous property.

  • Concentrated wealth. Even a small volumet of diamonds carries large value; for example, 1 kg of gold is an equivalent to approximately 0.5 grams of a quality diamond.

  • Easy mobility. You can easily and safely transfer diamonds from place to place anywhere in the world.

  • Quick liquidity. You buy diamonds on one side of the world and sell it again completely elsewhere.

  • Indestructibility. A diamond cannot be destroyed by a domestic fire, water, acid…It is almost indestructible.

  • Emotion and Beauty. Diamonds and diamond jewels are pieces of art. They are beautiful. They carry emotions. The make your heart sing and eyes celebrate.

Diamond Certanity

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Who Are We?

DIC Investment Limited is part of the international group of companies DIC – Diamonds International Corporation.

DIC was established in 2006 in Slovakia and quickly and successfully expanded into many countries around the world.

DIC is dedicated to the sale of investment diamonds, its own craft production and the sale of original diamond jewelry and diamond watches.

DIC Showrooms are located in Prague, Bratislava, Sofia and Dubai.
DIC is a member of and a shareholder in the prestigious Diamond Exchange in the Antwerp’s Beurs voor Diamanthandel, and a member of DDE – Dubai Diamond Exchange.
All jewels come from our own workshops and are protected by a trademark registered throughout the EU, the DIC production brand and a hallmark under applicable law.
Every diamond from DIC is certified by international gemological laboratories, accepted all over the world.
In the interests of maximum transparency, the company, as one of the few in the world, affixes certificates not only to the precious stones themselves, but also to the stones embedded in the jewelry.
DIC has over 25,000 satisfied clients worldwide.

How Does The Diamond Certainty Program Work?

To become a diamond owner and establish a side income is a straightforward process:

  • 1.  You decide to use diamonds and jewelry as an
    investment instrument.

  • 2.  Choose your diamond or a jewel to save for (you can
    do it at a later stage as well).

  • 3.  You decide how much money can you set aside to
    save for a diamond or jewelry every month.

  • 4.  Save the given amount every month in your
    Diamond Certainty account.

  • 5.  When you save enough money, you can buy the chosen
    diamond or jewelry.

  • 6.  Earn a gradually rising passive income even while
    doing nothing.

  • 7.  Earn a significantly larger income if you are
    pro-active and if you turn your passion for
    diamonds into a successful business.

Diamond Certanity

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