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Michaela Habáňová and the Healthy Way to Save for the Future

My name is Michaela Habáňová, I am from Zlín and I study physiotherapy, which I enjoy very much. I think I chose right as I can help people, work with them and improve their lives. I have been involved in figure skating since my childhood. I love that feeling when I go on ice and I can be alone. It is a combination of grace and feminine beauty, which diamonds are, too. I think that every woman’s dream is to have a beautiful stone at home.

I love physiotherapy, but I wanted to find more ways to help people. One day I was introduced to Diamonds International Corporation (D.I.C.). When I saw the presentations and asked my questions, I realized one essential idea:

“The health is something of crucial importance for people’s lives, but the financial freedom and security has the power to change those lives. Money is a great tool that has many applications – from improving your lifestyle to helping others in multiple ways.”

Actually, I wanted this financial freedom and security for me as well.

D.I.C. has a great collection of diamonds and diamond jewelry, but they started a new product that has the power to deliver this, so important and wanted, financial security and freedom.

This is “Diamond Certainty” – a program which allows you to save money, use them to buy a diamond or jewel and – this way – to invest in a very lucrative and profitable asset. At the same time, the program allows you to create (step-by-step) an ever-growing side income, that can turn into a main one over time.

Now, I am member of “Diamond Certainty” program and I would like to introduce it to you. 

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What Is “Diamond Certainty”?

Diamond Certainty is a product that allows the purchasing of top quality and certified diamonds by virtually anyone, since the price of a diamond and diamond jewelry is gradually repaid in the form of monthly deposits.
Diamond Certainty program allows diamond and diamond jewerly ownership for almost any person, and thanks to unique marketing, it will give many people the opportunity to participate in the turnover of our company and make very interesting money, absolutely without any risk.

Diamond Certanity

Benefits and Features

Diamond Certanity
  • You can have any diamond or jewel you want by saving through monthly payments.

  • You have the freedom to decide the amount of money you save monthly.

  • You chose your diamond or diamond jewelry you can make it anytime later).

  • You can store your diamonds and jewelry by yourself of in our safe boxes.

  • You have full control and transparency about your diamond investments through your account in Diamond Certainty Client Zone.

How to Enroll in Diamond Certainty Program?

The process is very simple:

  • 1.  Go to the registration form.

  • 2.  Fill your data.
  • 3.  Choose the initial monthly installment you
    can start with (you don’t need to pay now).
  • 4.  Finish the signup process.
  • 5.  You will receive information and simple instructions
    via email – what’s next and what has to be done.

That’s it. As simple and easy as that.

Diamond Certanity

Do you want to save for your future and make
money at the same time?
Sign up for Diamond Certainty today!