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Markéta Matoušová and Diamonds

My name is Markéta Matoušová, I am 27 years old. I enjoy traveling, sports, modeling and all the beautiful things, such as Diamonds. I participated in the Miss Global Beauty Queen, where I represented the Czech Republic and I got to TOP 15.

Recently I have found a way to turn one of my hobbies (guess which one) into a growing side income and hopefully (in the near future) it can become my main business income.

I was introduced to the Diamonds International Corporation (D.I.C.) and learned that there is a way for me to buy whichever diamond jewel I like and earn a very pleasant income at the same time. This is the new program for saving and investing in diamonds and diamond jewelry, created by D.I.C. and called “Diamond Certainty”.

I did a very detailed research, asked questions and decided to become part of the program. Also, I would like to present “Diamond Certainty” to you and I am sure you are going to be interested as much as I am.

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What Is “Diamond Certainty”?

Diamond Certainty is a product that allows the purchasing of top quality and certified diamonds by virtually anyone, since the price of a diamond and diamond jewelry is gradually paid for in the form of monthly instalments.
Diamond Certainty program allows diamond and diamond jewerly ownership for almost anyone, and thanks to its unique marketing, it gives many people the opportunity to participate in the turnover of our company and make some very interesting money, without absolutely any risk.

Diamond Certanity

Benefits and Features

Diamond Certanity
  • You can have any diamond or jewel you want by saving through monthly payments.

  • You have the freedom to decide the amount of money you save monthly.

  • You chose your diamond or diamond jewelry you can make it anytime later).

  • You can store your diamonds and jewelry by yourself of in our safe boxes.

  • You have full control and transparency about your diamond investments through your account in Diamond Certainty Client Zone.

How to Enroll in Diamond Certainty Program?

The process is very simple:

  • 1.  Go to the registration form.

  • 2.  Fill your data.
  • 3.  Choose the initial monthly installment you
    can start with (you don’t need to pay now).
  • 4.  Finish the signup process.
  • 5.  You will receive information and simple instructions
    via email – what’s next and what has to be done.

That’s it. As simple and easy as that.

Diamond Certanity

Do you want to save for your future and make
money at the same time?
Sign up for Diamond Certainty today!