Where do I send the deposit?2018-10-16T09:37:25+00:00

The most common and simplest way is card payments when you enter regular monthly payments according to the program you have selected into our website.
Another option is to send the payments to the following account: 1090474/2600 at Citfin spořitelní družstvo.
When making a bank transfer, please always provide the variable payment symbol = your contract number and furthermore ensure that the bank charges are fully paid by you as the sender.
The full amount must be credited to our account without the deduction of fees and under the correct variable symbol to correctly identify you

How big a deposit do I send?2018-10-16T09:37:45+00:00

You send USD 60 or its multiples into your diamond security account, depending on which monthly payment you have selected. However, in order for an incoming payment to be considered a proper advance for the purpose of assessing the Bonus claim, the amount is not to be lower than your selected program and must have arrived on time, thus in the given month.

What happens to the remaining deposits after buying a diamond and a jewel?2018-10-16T09:38:01+00:00

All unused deposits (not used to buy your diamond or jewel) remain in your account and used for the next purchase. An overview of your deposits and purchases is available any time upon signing in to your account in the Client Zone.

Can I immediately send the full amount sufficient to buy a diamond and a jewel?2018-10-16T09:38:51+00:00

Yes, of course you can. The remaining amount of deposits that will not be used to buy a diamond or a jewel will remain in your account and used for your next purchase.

How long after the signing the contract do I get a diamond or a jewel?2018-10-16T09:39:09+00:00

If you send your deposits only at a minimum of USD 60, you will save for the price of the first most affordable diamond in 11 to 12 months. Of course, if you choose more deposits, you will save for a diamond much faster. Once you have a sufficient amount of deposits in your account on some working Friday, we will immediately prepare the most suitable diamond or jewel for you, and if you approve it, we will send it to you at your address or you can pick it up in one of our showrooms, depending on if you are in a hurry to buy a diamond, you can request it immediately. It is enough to send deposits in a sufficient amount, or even pay off the remaining price of a diamond, after you have chosen the parameters yourself (this is a feature accessible in the Client Zone). The speed of the purchase is in your hands.

How can I choose my diamond, jewel or watch?2018-10-16T09:39:25+00:00

You can choose and physically take over the diamonds in our showrooms at any time. You can make your choice also by means of our Jewellery and Watches Catalogue to be found at these pages and also at the www.dicholding.com. Upon your request, we will send you the list of the currently available diamonds to you e-mail at any time. After you have chosen, we’ll approve everything by mail and will send the jewels, watches or diamonds to your address.

Jewelery Catalog and Jewelery Price List to download?2019-04-02T08:39:46+00:00
What is the Loyal and Referral Bonus and when do I qualify?2018-10-16T09:41:37+00:00

Both bonuses can be drawn immediately for the first month and we will send them to the bank account you entered in the Client Zone. You receive the Loyalty Bonus from the entire Diamond Certainty turnover program, up to a maximum of USD 600 a month in the case of your regular USD 60 monthly payment and adequate multiples. So for example, if your regular monthly payment is USD 180, so your maximum monthly bonus is USD 1,800. You will monitor the amount of the growing Loyal Bonus in your Client Zone.  You receive a Referral BONUS for recommending Diamond Certainty on your social networks, email and in person. For every client you obtain you will receive remuneration you can monitor in your Client Zone. We also pay this bonus every month to your bank account, for as long as you and your recommended client regularly pay monthly deposits.

What is RAP or RAPAPORT?2018-10-16T09:42:14+00:00

RAP or RAPAPORT is the abbreviated name for the Rapaport Diamond Report, a world-renowned diamond pricelist that sets the value of individual diamonds in US dollars according to the diamond’s parameters (cut, weight, color, purity)

How is the sales price set and when?2018-10-16T09:42:29+00:00

The diamond sale price is always determined from the latest current and valid Rapaport Diamond Report (abbreviated as RAPAPORT or RAP) according to Article 1.6 of the GTC. For information specific to the exact current prices of diamonds, please contact us. We know namely diamonds, and you also know them with us.

Did not find the answer? See detailed answers to everything

1. Who is Diamond Certainty (DC) intended for?2018-10-03T10:32:53+00:00

Diamond Certainty is intended for the general public – men and women of all ages from different backgrounds with varying incomes. This project is for anyone who:

  1. Understands the necessity of putting some part of his/her earnings towards savings or investments where they can increase the value of their money in lots of different ways.
  2. Knows or wants to understand the need of owning assets not only in the form of a currency but also in the form of products that not only have a long-lasting and stable value, but ideally increase in value over time, such as diamonds.
  3. This person can not only see the advantages of diamonds as an investment opportunity but also their immense and unique aesthetic value. Someone who understands that in life there are numerous special occasions and moments suitable for presenting someone with diamond jewellery.
  4. Is interested in making considerable amounts of money in the form of a passive income – Earn monthly up to 10 x their monthly payment plus loyalty bonus and a potentially unlimited referral bonus (5% commission for all your referred client’s payments).

For more information on how Diamond Certainty works please watch the following video: Diamond Certainty –How It Works: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_NSmLHHkms4&feature=youtu.be

2. Why diamonds? Why are diamonds such a good investment?2018-10-03T10:31:48+00:00

– A safe investment – Each diamond is certified by the independent worldwide IGI, HRD or GIA Gemmological Laboratory.

– Permanent value – The price of diamonds is stable, growing on a long-term basis and not subject to any inflation.

– Unregistered investment – Diamonds are not registered by any authorities, they are fully anonymous property.

– Concentrated wealth – There is large value in a small volume of diamonds. For example, 1 kg of gold is equivalent to approximately 0.5 grams of a quality diamond.

– Easy mobility – You can easily and safely transfer a diamond from place to place anywhere around the world.

– Quick liquidity – You can buy a diamond on one side of the world and sell it again on the other.

– Indestructibility – A diamond cannot be destroyed by a domestic fire, water damage or acid. It is almost indestructible.

For more information please visit http://www.dicholding.com/diamonds/ or https://www.diamondcertainty.com

3. How can I be sure that the product is not fraudulent and is a real certified diamond or piece of jewellery? What form of product guarantee do I have?2018-10-03T10:34:57+00:00

Firstly, DIC is a member and shareholder of the prestigious Diamond Exchange in Antwerp’s Beurs voor Diamanthandel, and a member of the DDE – Dubai Diamond Exchange. All of the jewellery comes from our own workshops and is protected by a trademark registered throughout the EU, the DIC production brand and a hallmark under applicable law.

All of our products come with all of the necessary documentation. Every diamond from DIC is certified by one of these 3 international gemmological laboratories which are among the most renowned and accepted in the world.

GIA, The Gemmological Institute of America – http://www.gia.edu/

IGI, The International Gemmological Institute – http://www.igiworldwide.com/

HDR, Antwerp, Belgium, where the chief shareholder is the Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC) – http://www.hrdantwerp.com/en/home You can find more info here:


4. Sounds great! But what if I don’t have a lot of money and can’t afford it right now?2018-10-03T10:35:47+00:00

No problem! This program is available from only 60 USD per month. But you can earn 60 USD and more each month from the program itself in a very short time! How? Through the referral and loyalty bonus that are paid to you monthly and directly to your account. Your loyalty bonus alone can be up to 10 x your monthly payment/investment. Your referral bonus, which is 5% of all payments made from anyone who is referred by you, can be potentially unlimited. And at the same time you can use your existing investment to buy diamonds and diamond jewellery products at any time.

For example, imagine you refer 5 clients for a monthly payment of 60 USD (one position each), 3 clients for 120 USD (2 positions each) and 2 clients for 300 USD (5 positions each), you get 5% from every one of their monthly payments. 5% from 1260 USD is 63 USD + loyalty bonus for 21 positions filled is 15 USD. That’s 78 USD bonus every month you invest.

5. What is the minimum and maximum amount of money one can invest?2018-10-03T10:37:52+00:00

Minimum is 60 USD per month and maximum, through our online registration form, is 6000 USD per month. If you are interested in investing more than 6,000 USD, please contact us and we will be happy to set this up for you in your client zone.

6. When do I qualify for a referral bonus? (5% of all your referred client’s payments)2018-10-03T10:38:17+00:00

You qualify for the referral bonus every month you refer another new client and all the subsequent months that the new referred client pays their monthly investment, provided you also pay your monthly investment. The bonus is paid monthly and directly into your account along with your loyalty bonus.

7. Is referring DC necessary to profit from the program? Is there a specific number of people you need to refer?2018-10-03T10:38:39+00:00

No, you don’t need or have to refer other people to the program. If you don’t refer new clients, you just won’t receive the referral bonuses (5% of all payments from people referred by you). But for every other paying client in the 5 lines below you on the system, you will get a loyalty bonus which is up to 10 x your monthly payment. The advantage of an active approach is that when you refer other people you help fill your 5 lines much faster, therefore your loyalty bonus will accumulate quicker to become 10 x your monthly payment. More detailed information on how fast you can profit from the program can be found in question 11.

8. What if after my registration I am not able to refer anybody for some time?2018-10-03T13:16:27+00:00

No problem. The only difference between a passive and active approach lies within the extra 5% referral bonus for every referred payment and how fast your loyalty bonus accumulates. For more information please see answers to questions 7, 10 and 11.

9. Do I gain something when people that I have referred refer other people?2018-10-03T13:17:17+00:00

When your personal referrals refer other people, these new clients are placed by the system into the same loyalty structure as your referrals. That means that for every person that they refer, because they will be placed within your part of the loyalty structure, you will get a loyalty bonus. This works both ways. Some people that you refer can also be placed into their own loyalty structure. You can see that people above you and under you all work together to fill the loyalty positions.

For more info on how this works, please watch this animation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_NSmLHHkms4&feature=youtu.be

10. What is the loyalty bonus and how do I qualify for it?2018-10-03T10:40:41+00:00

You qualify for the loyalty bonus every month you pay your monthly investment. You get the loyalty bonus for all paying clients in your loyalty structure.

By choosing the amount of your monthly payment (multiples of 60 USD) you reserve a specific number of positions in the system. 1 position = 60 USD. Every position reserved in the system contains its own loyalty structure with 363 available positions. The loyalty structure of every client contains a maximum of 363 positions under every 60 USD paid position and it multiplies depending on how much you invest monthly (60, 180, 300 USD etc.). All of the paid positions in your loyalty structure (363 and its multiples) together represent 10 x your monthly payment.

That means if you pay 60 USD per month, your loyalty structure contains 363 available positions to be filled. If you pay 180 USD per month, your loyalty structure contains 3 x 363 = 1089 available positions. When all of these positions are paid by other clients, together they represent 10 x your monthly payment.

One paying client does not have to equal one paid position. Large amounts of people invest more than 60 USD monthly, for example 120 USD, 180 USD, 300 USD monthly or more. On average one client invests 180 USD monthly which fills 3 positions. That means on average there are 121 paying clients in the loyalty structure (either referred by you, someone else or by the company) for every 60 USD position that is needed in order to get your 10 x monthly payment profit.

You get a loyalty bonus for paying clients in your loyalty structure even if they were not referred by you and have been put there by other active clients or by the company, DIC, via ads and online campaigns etc. For more information on how fast your loyalty bonus accumulates when you choose a passive approach, i.e. not referring anyone, please see the answer for question 11. For more information on what changes when you downgrade or upgrade your monthly payment, and in return what happens to your maximum profit from loyalty bonuses, please see the answer to question 32. For a simple animation video on how it all works, please clink on the links in answers for questions 1 and 9.

11. How long before I am making 10 x my monthly payment?2018-10-03T10:43:04+00:00

That depends. When you refer this program to other people, aside from earning an extra 5% referral bonus, you speed up the process of filling all of your loyalty positions by placing them directly in your loyalty structure. How fast and efficiently you refer this program will determine how fast you profit from it.

If you decide to be passive and not refer any other clients, it takes considerably longer to fill your loyalty structure. Available positions in your loyalty structure are then filled by active people only, placed above you or eventually under you as well, as the structure grows. They help partially fill your loyalty structure by filling their own, because your loyalty structure overlaps a little. The company DIC itself helps fill available positions because it introduces new people to the project by advertising and online campaigns etc. The company will always fill the first available position in the whole structure.

Depending on the number of active clients in your loyalty structure and how efficient the company marketing campaigns are, we estimate reaching a monthly profit of 10 x your monthly payment within 12 to 24 months.

What we’ve noticed however is that a considerable amount of people who decide to be passive when joining the program will probably change their mind and decide to refer Diamond Certainty to at least their friends, family and work colleagues. Which in turn helps their monthly profit equal their monthly investment.

For example, I pay 180 USD monthly and I am already getting 200 USD back monthly from the program in the form of a loyalty bonus. It’s not 10 x my monthly payment yet, but I am already investing money and buying diamond products “for free”. Plus I am earning a small amount of money at the same time. Logically I will start referring this program to people around me, increasing my profit by adding a potentially unlimited 5% referral bonus for every new client I secure.

12. How does DIC help fill the positions under clients?2018-10-03T10:43:30+00:00

Through various promotional activities such as online marketing campaigns, social media, events, PR, etc. Most of the company’s marketing activities take place online. The company always fills the first available position in the whole loyalty structure.

13. How can I be sure that Diamond Certainty is a trustworthy MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) business and not a Pyramid Fraud or Ponzi Scheme?2018-10-03T10:45:38+00:00

While this project isn’t strictly an MLM, because clients can choose to be active and refer the program and products to other people or not at all and still profit from the program either way, there are several indicators that can help you identify fraud or determine whether something is a scam trying to rob you of your investments.

-High entry fees: Fraudulent companies usually demand big entry fees upon registration or entry, usually several hundreds or thousands of dollars in one go. Diamond Certainty on the other hand doesn’t require any entry or registration fees. All your invested money is available for you to purchase a product with at any time you desire. It is also affordable for anyone from only 60 USD monthly.

-No product: These fraudulent companies do not offer any product for their services, very often the profit stems only from recruitment of new members and their registration fees or financial products are often not visible or transparent. Diamond Certainty allows anyone who joins and invests to purchase a quality, certified diamond or piece of diamond jewellery product of the same or comparable value as their financial investment, which from an historical point of view offers financial stability as well as an increase in value over time.

-Compensation plan: Commission is paid for by the investments of future generations of clients, potentially only for bringing new people to join the company. Diamond Certainty allows people to profit even when they decide not to be active, for example when they are afraid to recommend the program and the product to friends, families, co-workers or they want to try it out for themselves first.

-Structure: A serious MLM business offers an opportunity to profit more than the people above you in the structure. Diamond Certainty offers this to all clients. Everything depends on your activity, work, efficiency, experience and the people you surround yourself with. You are rewarded for your loyalty and your skills.

-Member behaviour: Members of fraudulent companies (unfortunately some serious MLM businesses too) behave in a very strange way and often react aggressively and avoid answering all your questions. They almost certainly won’t list a FAQ with a detailed analysis on how the program works and all its relevant processes.

-Termination: Upon termination and leaving a company or project you are often required to pay a substantial termination fee listed in the contract. Money you have invested will never be seen again. Diamond Certainty on the other hand allows you to stop investing at any time. And even though this way you don’t qualify for bonuses anymore, you don’t pay any termination fees and at the same time you are still free to use all your invested money to buy a quality product at any time you wish.

-History of company and its partners: Usually all the information about the history of the company and its partners or products offered are not available or aren’t clear and transparent. Also, usually there are no outside references for the company or its partners. DIC has a long history and is a shareholder and member of prestigious diamond exchanges. For more information on DIC, its products, exchanges and world class gemmological laboratories, please see answers to questions 2, 3, 33, 34, 35 and 36.

14. What is the risk involved in the Diamond Certainty Program?2018-10-03T10:46:37+00:00

We ensure that the investment risk for our clients is limited to an absolute minimum. This is made possible because:

  • For every investment we offer a quality diamond product certified by 1 of 3 gemmological laboratories amongst the most renowned in the world. (GIA, IGI, HDR – for more information about certification, please see the answer to question 3).
  • Clients can take any product for their invested money at any time.
  • To ensure an absolute minimum risk, our clients can even prepay Diamond Certainty in order to be able to take a product immediately after investing.
  • The dynamic character of how much and how fast you profit from referral and loyalty bonus depends on several factors such as: the activity of the clients (please see questions 10 and 11), the efficiency and success of DIC marketing campaigns, the worldwide demand for diamonds and diamond products as well as whether people in your loyalty structure continue investing monthly.

(If we use an example from question 4: imagine you refer 5 clients for 60 USD (one position each), 3 clients for 120USD (2 positions each) and 2 clients for 300USD (5 positions each), you get 5% from every one of their monthly investments. 5% from 1260 USD is 63USD + loyalty bonus for 21 positions filled is 15 USD = a total of 78USD bonus. If 2 positions of your referrals stop paying, you will lose loyalty bonus maximum 2$ also you will lose referral bonus from them as 5% X 120 $ = 6$ so next month you would get only 70 USD.

Unless scientists come up with a technique on how to create a synthetic diamond identical in its qualities to naturally occurring ones (which is close to impossible given the nature of a diamond and the geological process of its creation – millions of years, extreme temperatures and pressure, etc.) or the price of diamonds were to remain the same due to an existential crises of mankind (which will render many other forms of investment useless as well), people will always be interested in buying diamonds and diamond jewellery just as they have been for centuries.

15. What can I do with my already saved/invested money?2018-10-03T10:47:19+00:00

Your invested money (that you pay monthly) can be withdrawn anytime you desire but only in the form of a diamond or diamond product from the DIC stores. Your bonuses won’t be affected as long as you continue to pay monthly. This money will be available to you until your next purchase even if you decide to stop your monthly investment for some time. For more information on how this decision would affect your bonuses, please see answers to questions 18, 20 and 21.

16. How are bonuses paid and how often?2018-10-03T10:47:59+00:00

Bonuses are paid monthly, starting from the first month as soon as the positions are filled in your loyalty structure, regardless of whether they have been referred by you or not. You don’t need to wait for your bonuses to amount to up to 10 x your monthly payment. The bonuses will be transferred on a monthly basis to your account as soon as they accumulate to a value of at least 100 USD (for financial purposes – transfer fees).

17. Are the Referral and Loyalty Bonuses given to me in form of diamond products or as cash?2018-10-03T13:18:25+00:00

Cash. Please see answer to question 16.

18. Do I lose Referral or Loyalty Bonuses when I buy a product with my invested money?2018-10-03T10:48:44+00:00

No. You get bonuses every month provided you and the people in your structure pay monthly. If you continue investing on a monthly basis, even after you buy a product from DIC, you get to keep all referral and loyalty bonuses as well. You only lose bonuses when you stop paying your monthly investment.

19. What is the latest possible time to pay for any given month (not to lose bonuses)?2018-10-03T10:49:55+00:00

We recommend paying by the 10th day of each month. For example; to pay for the month of May, ensure it is done so within the first 10 days of the month). We start sending reminders by email to people who haven’t paid by the 25th of the month. We send emails every 3 days until the 10th of the next month. After that, when the payment still hasn’t been made, you lose your bonuses.

This is why the preferred solution (to ensure you pay your monthly payment) is to set up an automatic monthly payment by credit card in your Client Zone at diamondcertainty.com (first orange line: “SET MONTHLY PAYMENT AMOUNT TO XY USD” under your savings account details). This way you will never miss a payment and you don’t risk losing your bonuses.

20. What if I stop paying the monthly payment for some time? Do I still get bonuses?2018-10-03T10:50:30+00:00

No. Both bonuses are tied to your monthly investment. It is not possible to receive bonuses and not invest at the same time. Each month the payment is not made, the bonuses are subsequently not paid. Also, after the 10th day of the following month, the risk of someone deciding to purchase your, now free and unpaid position, increases each day the payment is still not made. It is possible that after one or more unpaid months when you decide to continue your payments, the system will have to find a new available position for you (the first available position in the structure of your original referral or the first available position in the whole structure before you were referred). Your invested money will remain in the account for you to purchase products. Nobody can touch your investment, even if you stop your monthly payments.

As soon as you receive the same amount (in the form of bonuses) that you invest on a monthly basis, there is no reason for you to stop your monthly payments because technically you are prefunding your investment and are free to take a product at any time.

This is why we repeat that the best and preferred solution (to pay monthly) is to set up an automated payment by credit card in your Client Zone at diamondcertainty.com (first orange line: “SET MONTHLY PAYMENT AMOUNT TO XY USD” under your savings account details). This way you will never miss a payment and you don’t risk losing your bonuses.

21. What happens when I start making payments and I miss one month’s payment?2018-10-03T10:51:00+00:00

We start sending reminders by email to all people who haven’t paid by the 25th of the month. Then we send emails every 3 days until the 10th of the following month. This means that if people forgot to pay for the previous month, we allow them to pay for an additional 10 days before they lose their bonuses.

If you don’t pay your monthly payment by the 10th of the following month, you lose your referral and loyalty bonuses. For more information please see the answer to question 20.

22. What happens if the people that I have referred don’t pay for a month?2018-10-03T13:19:02+00:00

In this case you would only lose loyalty and referral bonus for these people for the duration of the time that they don’t pay. For them, not paying means the same thing as it would for you. For more information, please see answers to questions 20 and 21.

23. Do I lose my already saved/invested money if I don’t pay for a month?2018-10-03T13:19:40+00:00

No. Your invested money will not be affected. You are free to use this money to buy one of our products at any time you want even after you stop your payments. For more information on how this decision would affect your bonuses, please see answers to questions 18, 20 and 21.

24. Can I buy a product immediately after my first payment?2018-10-03T10:52:31+00:00

Yes, but it depends on the amount of your monthly payment. Our product’s prices start from 120 USD plus VAT for diamond jewellery and 650 USD onwards for diamonds. For more information, please see the answer to question 25.

25. How soon after the initial payment can I buy a product and have it delivered to me?2018-10-03T10:52:59+00:00

You can do it immediately after the first month. The only condition is to have enough money invested for the specific product you desire. Our products start from 120 USD plus VAT for diamond jewellery and 650 USD plus VAT for diamonds. When you start with 60 USD monthly, you can purchase a product in the second month. If you invest 300 USD monthly, we have several products within this price range for you to choose from immediately after paying.

The option to prepay Diamond Certainty several months in advance and choose a product for this price immediately is always available. For more information please see the answer to question 30.

26. How can I buy a product that costs more than I currently have in my DIC account? For example, I pay 180 USD monthly and have already saved 720 USD but the product I want is 1200 USD. What are my options?2018-10-03T13:20:07+00:00

When you don’t have enough money saved on your DIC account, you have the following options: 1) continue monthly payments until you have enough saved for your product. 2) If you can’t afford to wait, then you can pay the balance amount between your account money and the price of the product (plus VAT) at any one of our showrooms. 3) You can prepay your Diamond Certainty several months in advance by setting up a direct bank transfer – for more information on how to do that please see answers to questions 29 and 30. With all types of purchases, VAT is not included and needs to be paid separately.

27. What if the product I want costs less that the amount of my invested money?2018-10-03T10:53:50+00:00

After you buy the product that you’re interested in, the remainder of the money stays in your account for future purchases.

28. How many products can I buy from my saved money?2018-10-03T10:54:31+00:00

As many as you like! You only need to ensure that you have enough money saved or can pay the difference in value at the time of the purchase.

29. Can I prepay Diamond Certainty several (3, 6 or more) months in advance?2018-10-03T10:55:00+00:00

Yes. This option is preferred by people who wouldn’t have to wait a long time in order to be able to afford their desired product (like an investment diamond). This way, they can profit from the referral and loyalty bonuses while already having the product with them at the same time. There are also a number of cases where people receive a large amount of money (inheritance claims, etc.) during the time of their monthly investments and rather than having it in their account, they chose to prepay Diamond Certainty for several months while taking the product immediately. This way they can profit from the bonuses too.

For example, you are interested in a product which costs 1800 USD but rather than paying/investing 180 USD monthly for 10 months you decide to prepay this amount in a one-time payment and immediately purchase the product. This would mean that you don’t need to pay monthly for the following 10 months because you’ve already prepaid this amount. If you don’t want to lose bonuses after 10 months, you will have to continue paying after the 11th month.

30. How can I prepay Diamond Certainty several months in advance?2018-10-03T10:55:23+00:00

Currently this option is only available through direct bank transfer. Please note that it is important to note down the transfer details or contact us online or phone first to let us know of your intentions. We will be happy to assist you with the process.

For now, this option is not available by credit/debit card but this option will be added shortly.

31. Can I upgrade or downgrade my payment?2018-10-03T10:56:49+00:00

Yes, you can do both but always in multiples of 60 USD. For example, you start at 180 USD monthly and now decided that you would like to invest more money. You can upgrade in multiples of 60 USD to 240, 300, 600USD etc. Similarly, you can downgrade to 120 or 60 USD.

32. What happens if I downgrade or upgrade?2018-10-03T10:58:45+00:00

The money you have already invested cannot be touched by anyone but you! You are free to take a product for this amount any time you want.

If you downgrade a payment, your loyalty structure will become smaller (depending on how much you downgrade by). Remember that your loyalty bonus can only reach 10 x your monthly payment. Your loyalty structure will be adjusted to achieve this maximum. For more information on how your loyalty structure looks and to understand this change better, please see answer to question 10.

For example, you downgrade from 180 USD (3 paid positions) to 120USD (2 paid positions). This change would mean that you lose that part of the loyalty structure (one position) which contains the smallest amount of filled positions (paid clients) under it. Our system will always let you keep the most profitable position(s).

Your referral bonus will stay the same provided that you and the people you have referred will continue to pay monthly. You will always receive 5% of all payments from the people you have referred.

If you upgrade your payment, then the system will combine your existing position(s) with a new one(s). This way, you expand your loyalty structure by a corresponding number of new available positions (363 and its multiples) and your profit to be able to reach 10 x your monthly payment in the form of bonuses. This new position(s) will most likely not be located next to your current one(s) because in the meantime more people may have joined the program and been allocated some of these positions. The system will always locate the first available position under the person who originally referred you, but it would most likely be further down.

33. Where can I get more information about DIC as a company?2018-10-03T11:01:39+00:00

Here are some important links where you can find more information:

Company details, catalogue, diamonds and Diamond Certainty: http://www.dicholding.com/

Company details, about the leaders and the people behind the program as well as information about the program itself: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?listPLpLkB-LNhioSWEsG-7R5JwHXGg_quOrnx

About Diamond Certainty (you can register here as well): https://www.diamondcertainty.com/en

A short video that explains how Diamond Certainty works: http://youtu.be/_NSmLHHkms4

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/dic.diamonds/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/dicdiamonds/

34. Where does the company and program originate from?2018-10-03T11:02:25+00:00

Our company, Diamonds International Corporation – DIC, has been operating in Europe for more than 12 years. We operate showrooms and offices in: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Hong Kong and Dubai. The project is legally registered under the auspices of DIC investment limited based in Hong Kong.

In the past, we have sold large amounts of diamonds and jewellery from our showrooms. Amongst other things, we were sponsors for Miss Universe and Miss USA from 2014 to 2016 and were the proud tmakers of the winners’ iconic crowns. Now the business is being remodelled mainly online. At the same time, we are currently looking for active and business oriented individuals in several countries who can be one of the first people in their country to refer this program and help expand it (For example: Individuals based in China, Philippines, India, Nigeria, Ghana, Columbia, Canada and Germany).

35. Where do your products come from and what products do you have?2018-10-03T11:03:05+00:00

Diamonds International Corporation – DIC is a member and shareholder of the prestigious Diamond Bourse in Antwerp, Europe (Beurs Voor Diamanthandel) and a member of the DDE – Dubai Diamond Exchange in the UAE. We deal with diamonds as if they were an investment. We operate a jewellery production plant in Czech Republic and Dubai with more than 500 employees. We offer more than 1000 designs of rings, earrings, necklaces and other jewellery. We also produce watches under the DIC brand.

We would be more than happy to send you a catalogue featuring some of our products. Simply fill out your details here: http://www.dicholding.com/catalog/

If you are interested in buying our jewellery products or investment diamonds, you can contact us through one of our websites or visit one of our showrooms in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria or Dubai. We will be more than happy to assist you.

36. How long has your company been operating?2018-10-03T11:03:26+00:00

Diamonds International Corporation – DIC has been operating in Europe for more than 12 years. For more information about the company and its history, please see the answers to questions 34 and 35 or click on any of the links in question 33.

37. What are your business plans for other countries?2018-10-03T11:03:51+00:00

We are looking into investing in offices and showrooms in countries all over the world. But first, we require a suitable number of well trained and qualified people who would spread this referral business program in those countries. So far, our teams are responsible for contacting as many suitable people as posstible to see if any of them are interested in being part of a referral business like this by answering all their questions and inquiries as well as leading and training them to help refer others to spread this program effectively.

38. How do you protect the investments of your clients?2018-10-03T11:04:16+00:00

The products (diamonds and diamond jewellery) are a form of protection of our client’s investments. Every diamond from DIC is certified by one of the most known and acknowledged gemmological laboratories around the world. For more information on certification please see answer to question 3. For more information on how we ensure absolute minimum risk of investments, please see answer to question 14.

39. Is there an office or a showroom located in my country?2018-10-03T13:20:46+00:00

Currently we are only operating offices and showrooms in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Hong Kong and Dubai, UAE.

For more information on our business plan in other countries, please see answer to question 34 and 37.

40. How can I get my products from DC?2018-10-03T11:05:27+00:00

Generally, there are three ways to get a product:

  1. Visit one of our showrooms and buy it on the spot (Slovakia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Dubai).
  2. Shipping by transportation companies such FedEx, DHL, local post etc.
  3. Ask someone you know (family or friends) who may be travelling to Europe or Dubai to purchase the product(s) from our showrooms for you. They would have to provide a power of attorney on behalf of you to do so (POA – written authorization to represent or act on another’s behalf in private affairs, business, or some other legal mater).

In the future, provided there are sufficient people who are adequately trained to help expand this project in other countries, we will set up offices/showrooms there too. This way people will be able to choose products in person from these locations.

41. Does the client have to pay for shipping?2018-10-03T11:06:00+00:00

Yes. All shipping costs are paid for by the client.

42. How can I be sure that the product will be delivered?2018-10-03T11:06:21+00:00

Just like any other product purchased online, it is a legitimate order from you or anyone around the world. We use courier companies like FedEx, DHL etc. You will also receive an invoice and a certificate from a gemmological laboratory with each product.

43. Can the product (diamonds, jewellery, watches) be sold in my country?2018-10-03T13:21:07+00:00

All our products come with all the necessary documentation. Every diamond from DIC is certified by an international gemmological laboratory that is accepted all over the world. For more information on certification, please see the answer to question 3.

Should you want to sell your diamond product, it will be eligible for any diamond auction in your country or a reliable seller (of diamonds or diamond products).

44. How can I register?2018-10-03T11:07:40+00:00

You need to register via the affiliate link you received from the person who referred you. It will look something like this: http://order.diamondcertainty.com/en?affil=1703421.

If you weren’t referred by another person to this program, you can register directly at https://www.diamondcertainty.com/en. You will need to include your first and last name, email address and the amount of money you want to pay/invest monthly . The last line “code” you see is the affiliate code used in case someone referred you to the program. According to this code, you will be assigned a position within their loyalty structure.

If there is no code mentioned, ask your referrer to provide it. This code is a unique 7 digit number that everyone can see in their client zone. It is later used as a variable symbol to identify your payments in the system. If no one referred you to this program and you learned about it through advertisements or other channels, you can leave the code space blank. You will then be assigned to the first available position within the structure.

Registration itself doesn’t legally bind you to pay. However, in the registration form you need to state how much you would like to invest monthly. Based on this information, the system will reserve your position(s) in the loyalty structure (one position for every 60 USD).

After registration you will receive an email with the login details to access your client zone. Using these details, you can access your client zone at diamondcertainty.com. Here you can see your account balance, bonuses (referral and loyalty) and the people that you have referred.

45. How can I pay after registration?2018-10-03T11:08:21+00:00

The preferred solution (to pay your monthly payment) is to set up an automatic monthly payment through credit card in your Client Zone at diamondcertainty.com (first orange line: “SET MONTHLY PAYMENT AMOUNT TO XY USD” under your savings account details). This way you will never miss a payment and don’t risk losing your bonuses. You can also make one-time payments using your credit card (second orange line in your client zone). This is not ideal because you can easily forget to pay and risk losing your bonuses. In case you are interested in prepaying Diamond Certainty several months in advance, please see the answers to questions 29 and 30.

46. Can I pay with a credit or debit card?2018-10-03T11:08:47+00:00

Yes. For more information please see answer to question n. 45.

47. Do I pay in my currency or USD?2018-10-03T11:09:09+00:00

When you set up a monthly payment by a credit card in your client zone, your money is automatically transferred in USD. The bank does this for you automatically. We pay the transfer fee.

48. How can I refer other people?2018-10-03T11:10:05+00:00

You can see a list of affiliate links in different languages in your client zone at diamondcertainty.com. They are on the left-hand side and look like this: http://order.diamondcertainty.com/en?affil=1703421

Your affiliate link contains a unique 7-digit number at the end which is used as a variable symbol in your payments. The system uses this number to identify you and your payments as well as the people you have referred. When you share your affiliate links via WhatsApp, email, Facebook, Instagram or in person, people will be automatically redirected to the diamond certainty webpage. Once there they can register themselves for the program under your unique code and the system will place them directly within your loyalty structure.

For more information on how the system works, watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_NSmLHHkms4&feature=youtu.be

You can just buy diamond jewel or become our
partner. It is up to you. The first step is to sign up
for Diamond Certainty program.