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There are at least 3 reasons to buy a diamond.
But what kind of people buy diamonds anyway?

See the 4 main diamond personas and try to
recognize yourself in one (or more) of them:

Diamond Certanity

Smart investor

These are people who want to secure their financial future with good investments. They know that:

  • Savings in the bank don’t have enough return.

  • The price of gold fluctuates too much.

  • Securities are not so secure.

  • Real estate is pain in the a*s.

  • Investing in startups is too risky.

They can use some of these financial instruments in their portfolio, but they would buy diamonds instead (continue reading to know why).

Diamond Certanity

Diamond Lovers

You know – “Diamonds are Girls’ Best Friend”. Your outfit is not complete without a diamond jewel of some kind. Diamonds are be-a-u-ti-ful! You must possess at least one of them. You just must see the light passing through its facets and breaking into multiple colors, the shine and the energy that comes from these little pieces of carbon… and you will know how badly you want to have one.

Diamond Certanity

People with occasions

People with Occasions. Diamonds are the perfect gift. For some occasions – speaking of engagement – they are de facto mandatory. For other occasions – anniversaries, birthdays, dates – they would make her the happies person. Just look at her eyes when holding the diamond jewel in her hands.

Diamond Certanity


Entrepreneurs by Heart. Besides being a good investment, diamonds can be a very profitable business. There are various ways to make money out of diamonds, but DIC’s Diamond Certainty program is the one which you can start with very-very low investment and count on your communication skills. Continue reading to learn more about this opportunity.

As you can see, diamonds are one of the perfect assets you can buy,
but we, from Diamonds International Corporation,
created a way to make them a lot more attractive.

We call it the “Diamond Certainty” program.

What Is “Diamond Certainty”?

Diamond Certainty is a product that allows purchasing of top quality and certified diamonds by virtually anyone, since the price of a diamond and diamond jewelry is gradually paid for in the form of monthly instalments.
Diamond Certainty program allows diamond and diamond jewerly ownership for almost everyone, and thanks to its unique marketing, it will give many people the opportunity to participate in the turnover of our company and make some very interesting money, without absolutely any risk.

Diamond Certanity

Benefits and Features

Diamond Certanity
  • You can have any diamond or a diamond jewel you want by saving through monthly instalments.

  • You have the freedom to decide the amount of money you save every month.

  • You yourself choose your diamond or diamond jewelry.

  • You can store your diamonds and jewelry by yourself or in our safe boxes.

  • You have full control and transparency of your diamond investments through your account in the Diamond Certainty Client Zone.

Do you want to save for your future and make
money at the same time?
Sign up for Diamond Certainty today!

Who Are We?

DIC Investment Limited is part of the international group of companies DIC – Diamonds International Corporation.

DIC was established in 2006 in Slovakia and quickly and successfully expanded into many countries around the world.

DIC is dedicated to the sale of investment diamonds, its own craft production and the sale of original diamond jewelry and diamond watches.

DIC Showrooms are located in Prague, Bratislava, Sofia and Dubai.
DIC is a member of and shareholder in the prestigious Diamond Exchange in the Antwerp’s Beurs voor Diamanthandel, and a member of DDE – Dubai Diamond Exchange.
All jewels come from our own workshops and are protected by a trademark registered throughout the EU, the DIC production brand and a hallmark under applicable law.
Every diamond from DIC is certified by international gemological laboratories, accepted all over the world.
In the interests of maximum transparency, the company, as one of the few in the world, affixes certificates not only to the precious stones themselves, but also to the stones embedded in the jewelry.
DIC has over 25,000 satisfied clients worldwide.

DIC Prague

DIC Bratislava

DIC Sofia

DIC Dubai

,,Diamonds aren’t just a business for us. They are our life.“
We love Diamonds. We love people who love diamonds.
Meet our team.

Why Enroll in the “Diamond Certainty” Program?

Why should you sign up to the program? Why not just buy a diamond jewel from any available jewelry store?
Here’s what you get by entering the program:

  • You get a warranty. All our diamonds and jewels come with an official certificate.

  • You get safety. We are an international organization with tens of thousands of clients and we follow standards of quality service. We will protect you from fraud.

  • You get assistance. Our consultants are experts in diamonds and they can help you choose the best diamond or diamond jewelry concerning your budget and occasion.

  • You get freedom. Diamond Certainty is based on monthly savings. You can quit anytime, should you decide that Diamond Certainty is not for you.

  • You get a Loyalty bonus. By participating in the Diamond Certainty program, you can earn – on monthly basis – a Loyalty bonus in the height of up to 10 times your monthly instalment.

Why Buy Diamonds Anyway?

Diamonds are a very good and profitable investment instrument, because of the following reasons:

  • Diamonds are a safe investment. Each diamond is certified by an independent worldwide IGI, HRD or GIA Gemological Laboratory.

  • Permanent value. The price of diamonds is stable, growing on a long term basis and not subject to inflation.

  • Unregistered investment. Diamonds are not registered by any authorities, making them a fully anonymous property.

  • Concentrated wealth. Even a small volume of diamonds carrie large value; for example, 1 kg of gold is an equivalent to approximately 0.5 grams of a quality diamond.

  • Easy mobility. You can easily and safely transfer diamonds from place to place anywhere in the world.

  • Quick liquidity. You buy diamonds on one side of the world and sell it again completely elsewhere.

  • Indestructibility. A diamond cannot be destroyed by a domestic fire, water, acid…It is almost indestructible.

Save for the future. Invest cleverly. Live the life of
your dreams.
Sign up for Diamond Certainty today!

How to Enroll in the Diamond Certainty Program?

The process is very simple:

  • 1.  Go to the registration page.

  • 2.  Fill in your personal information.

  • 3.  Choose an initial monthly instalment you
    can start with (you don’t need to pay right away).

  • 4.  Finish the sign-up process.

  • 5.  You will receive information and simple instructions
    via email – what’s next and what has to be done.

That’s it. Simple as that.

Diamond Certanity

Time Flies And We Are Not Getting Any
Younger And Richer

What Do You Really Get When You Buy Diamond Jewelry?

Let’s assume you’ve bought a diamond jewel for 1000 USD. Pros:

  • Making a star impression at an event: priceless

  • Winning the respect of your spouse: priceless

  • Value of the diamond: 1000 USD

  • Profit from price increase over time: XXX USD after X years.

  • Loyalty bonuses: up to XXXX USD

It turns out that by investing into a diamond or a diamond jewel you get tens of times of your investment returned over time along with the delight and satisfaction of possessing something so precious and beautiful.

Let’s Talk About Money

First, it is important to mention that the Diamond Certainty program is based on small (or bigger) monthly instalments in order to save money and buy a diamond or a diamond jewel.
The second important thing is that you can buy whatever diamond or a diamond jewel you want. How soon you get it depends on how much you save monthly in your Diamond Certainty account.
Payments are done in instalments as multiples of 60. For example, every month you can save 60 USD, 120 USD, 180 USD, etc.
You can start paying whenever you want. You just need to register first.
You can stop and pause (or even cancel) your Diamond Certainty payments whenever you decide.
Your diamond savings and payments are under your full control.

Do you want to save for your future and make
money at the same time?
Sign up for Diamond Certainty today!

Our Diamonds in Numbers

Global diamond production

Your family’s future is in your hands

Your finances are your responsibility. Your family relies on your decisions
and your decisions determine the future of you and your loved ones. You
need safety. You need stable wealth growth. You need your financial future
under control. You need Diamond Certainty.

Lets Sum It Up

You Get:

  • Beautiful jewelry

  • Remarkable impression from others

  • Savings for the future

  • A solid investment

  • Loyalty bonus of up to 10 times
    your monthly instalment

You Pay:

  • From 60 to 6000 USD per month.

  • Start saving whenever you want.

  • Pause or cancel paying
    whenever you decide.

Why Is Your Investment In Diamonds/Jewelry So Good?

Diamonds are a dream investment, because:

  • Price and value of diamonds only increases over time.

  • Return on the investment is bigger than with a lot of other financial instruments.

  • You can start small and go big following your own pace.

  • You can pause or cancel whenever you decide.

Save for the future. Invest cleverly. Live the life of
your dreams.
Sign up for Diamond Certainty today!

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