Loyalty Bonus program

Let your savings earn.


We invest part of our worldwide turnover back with our loyal clients, who regularly invest monthly in the Diamond Certainty program. You can monitor the amount of your Loyalty Bonus on your private diamond site. We pay you this bonus monthly into your bank account.

For minimal activity, keep your diamond absolutely free!

You can gain additional bonuses when promoting Diamond Certainty on your social profiles or actively recommending them. These bonuses are credited to your savings account and you can get your diamond absolutely free.

The amount of all these bonuses is usually multiples of your monthly repayments. Full details can be found in the Client Zone.

How does the program work in practice?

Monthly invest USD 60, USD 120, USD 180 USD or more (multiples of USD 60) and as soon as you have saved a specific diamond from our offer, we will inform you and upon your approval, will send or store your diamond. And you can still continue with regular investing. If you do not respond, nothing happens; in the next period we will choose another suitable diamond and you will either approve it or not again. In this way, we will gradually always prepare you for the most optimal diamond or an entire portfolio of diamonds.  At any moment you can choose any diamond/diamonds from our offer against your invested money, including bonus counting, and continue with the program.