Frequently asked questions

  • Where do I send the deposit?

    The most common and simplest way is card payments when you enter regular monthly payments according to the program you have selected into our website.
    Another option is to send the payments to the following account: 1090474/2600 at Citfin spořitelní družstvo
    Right after we receive your payment and pair with your account, we will send you the appropriate receipt for the received deposit via an email attachment
    When making a bank transfer, please always provide the variable payment symbol = your contract number and furthermore ensure that the bank charges are fully paid by you as the sender.
    The full amount must be credited to our account without the deduction of fees and under the correct variable symbol to correctly identify you

  • How big a deposit do I send?

    You send USD 60 or its multiples into your diamond security account, depending on which monthly payment you have selected. However, in order for an incoming payment to be considered a proper advance for the purpose of assessing the Bonus claim, the amount is not to be lower than your selected program and must have arrived on time, thus in the given month.

  • What happens to the remaining deposits after buying a diamond?

    All unused deposits (not used to buy your diamond) remain in your account and used for the next purchase. An overview of your deposits and purchases is available any time upon signing in to your account in the Client Zone.

  • Can I immediately send the full amount sufficient to buy a diamond?

    Yes, of course you can. In this case the allocation will occur and the purchase of your diamond immediately the next working Friday after the payment is received. The remaining amount of deposits that will not be used to buy a diamond will remain in your account and used for your next purchase.

  • How long after the signing the contract do I get a diamond?

    If you send your deposits only at a minimum of USD 60, you will save for the price of the first most affordable diamond in 11 to 12 months. Of course, if you choose more deposits, you will save for a diamond much faster. Once you have a sufficient amount of deposits in your account on some working Friday, we will immediately prepare the most suitable diamond for you, and if you approve it, we will send it to you at your address or you can pick it up in one of our showrooms, depending on if you are in a hurry to buy a diamond, you can request it immediately. It is enough to send deposits in a sufficient amount, or even pay off the remaining price of a diamond, after you have chosen the parameters yourself (this is a feature accessible in the Client Zone). The speed of the purchase is in your hands.

  • Who will choose the diamond I will get?

    The diamond is automatically allocated to you from the best available diamonds corresponding to the amount you have saved, or your listed preference. You can also determine the parameters of your diamond (weight, purity and color categories). We will take care of everything else along with the selection, allocation, shipping, delivery and invoicing of the top certified diamond, whose precise parameters, including the certificate number, will be communicated to you immediately after its allocation.
     With your account in the Client Zone, you can also choose and buy a particular diamond from the current offer at any time. Up to the time the diamond is allocated by our specialists, you can take full control of the diamond selection at any time or leave everything to us and enjoy without worrying about your investment.

  • What is the Loyal and Referral Bonus and when do I qualify?

    Both bonuses can be drawn immediately for the first month and we will send them to the bank account you entered in the Client Zone. You receive the Loyalty Bonus from the entire Diamond Certainty turnover program, up to a maximum of USD 600 a month in the case of your regular USD 60 monthly payment and adequate multiples. So for example, if your regular monthly payment is USD 180, so your maximum monthly bonus is USD 1,800. You will monitor the amount of the growing Loyal Bonus in your Client Zone.  You receive a Referral BONUS for recommending Diamond Certainty on your social networks, email and in person. For every client you obtain you will receive remuneration you can monitor in your Client Zone. We also pay this bonus every month to your bank account, for as long as you and your recommended client regularly pay monthly deposits.

  • What is RAP or RAPAPORT?

    RAP or RAPAPORT is the abbreviated name for the Rapaport Diamond Report, a world-renowned diamond pricelist that sets the value of individual diamonds in US dollars according to the diamond’s parameters (cut, weight, color, purity)

  • How is the sales price set and when?

    The diamond sale price is always determined from the latest current and valid Rapaport Diamond Report (abbreviated as RAPAPORT or RAP) according to Article 1.6 of the GTC. For information specific to the exact current prices of diamonds, please contact us. We know namely diamonds, and you also know them with us.

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